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We're MAD AS HELL about Australia's biggest banks treating ordinary Australians poorly, often instigating repossession of property to suit their hidden corporate agenda. Help us fight for right! If you have a banking issue please click on the following links to find useful information and links to other resources.



Royal Commission: it’s the farmers’ turn but they only get ten days

Michael West reports on Unhappy Banking and the Farming disputes the Group have been involved in! Michael WestJun 25, 2018 Royal Commission: it’s the farmers’ turn but they only get ten days Image: Michael Mucci One mystery of the Royal Commission into the banks is why it does not extend to system risk; the […]

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Australians losing faith in the big banks after latest CBA scandal

The latest Commonwealth Bank scandal has seen Australians further lose faith in the big banks. It comes after weeks of news out of the Financial Services Royal Commission, and just a few days after a damning report from the banking regulator, APRA.

Hayne banking royal commission won't help farmers, bank activist says

When it comes to battling Australia's banks, Geoff Shannon says "no-one has been more deeply in the trenches than me". For eight years, Mr Shannon, the founder of activist group Unhappy Banking, waged a battle with Bankwest after it ceased funding his $14 million residential project on the north coast of NSW during the depths […]


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