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We're MAD AS HELL about Australia's biggest banks treating ordinary Australians poorly, often instigating
repossession of property to suit their hidden corporate agenda. Help us fight for right!
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Unhappy Banking advocates are in daily contact with banks on behalf of clients experiencing financial hardship. Over the course of many years of dealing with the largest banks we have found the way banks deal with hardship change from time to time. We have found that the hardship process can become protracted and problematic when a bank:

1.    Refuses to acknowledge the hardship

2.    Continues with enforcement action despite hardship

3.    Complicates the hardship assistance process

4.    Does not clearly explain the hardship process and the rights of the customer

5.    There are internal communication failures between the banks departments

6.    Refuses to negotiate when the issues are clear

7.    Refuses to communicate with the customers elected representative

The above issues have resulted in our rating of the big banks to a hardship fairness test. This is based on our experience dealing with hundreds of complaints from bank customers.

1. NAB 


3. ANZ



6. BOQ

7. CBA



1.    Timeliness in responding to hardship requests

2.    Provision of documentation upon request

3.    Willingness to negotiate and resolve established issues with representative and customer

4.    Less legal costs and expenses




1.    Delays in processing hardship requests

2.    Refusal to provide documentation upon request

3.    Refusal to cooperative with the customers elected representative

4.    Higher legal costs and expenses

Unhappy Banking TV

Unhappy Banking TV

Unhappy Banking has created an Australia wide awareness of despicable banking practices

Unhappy Banking TV

Help us fight the fight for right

Unhappy Banking TV

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    Battlers keep their home

    We've been instrumental in saving several Australian battlers from losing their home.

    Mortgages Overturned

    For some clients the court found that the loan was not appropriately approved and has overturned it.

    Huge Consumer Wins

    Some clients have saved millions due to the assistance of Unhappy Banking.
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    APRA takes tough line on Basel III rules

    AUSTRALIA'S banks will have to conform to a key new regulation on liquidity by 2015

    Commercial Borrowers Beware

    Experiencing bank problems- you may be another BASEL III victim.

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    Unhappy Banking has been instrumental in these successes:

    Senate Enquiry

    Australia's Senate Enquiry into the banking sector was in part instigated by the actions of Unhappy Banking.

    Coverage of Bank Bastardry

    Over the last 20 months UB has brought major stories to national media.

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